Color Chart Guide

Classic Leather

Our classic leather pads have a 1/8″ thick hardboard core, are wrapped in full-grain leather, and are backed with non-slip faux-suede. This leather comes from top quality raw hides. Because it does not need to be sanded to remove imperfections, the end product is thick and durable.

Distressed Leather

Our antique leather is precision dyed before being hand distressed to give each hide unique gradients across the surface. Each color of this leather has a distinct appearance with a worn-in, matte finish. These desk pads are hand wrapped around a 1/8″ thick piece of high quality hardboard and are backed with non-slip faux-suede.

Glazed Leather

Our full-grain gloss leather pads have a shiny finish and feature deep, rich colors and patterns. We offer these leathers as fully wrapped desk pads or as accent colors on desk pads with side rails. These desk pads have a rigid 1/8″ thick hardboard core and non-slip faux-suede backing.


We offer vinyl desk pads in three standard colors with varying textures and patterns. Vinyl has a matte surface with a distinctive leather-like grain, while maintaining a lower price point than leather. It is comfortable to the touch and easy to clean and care for with a little soap and warm water.


Linoleum is an all-natural material, made from renewable natural materials. It is biodegradable, antibacterial and extremely hygienic. It doesn’t absorb or show oils from fingerprints or hand-prints, is heat resistant, and is engineered to minimize the appearance of scratches. Its matte surface prevents glare while its faux-suede backing prevents slipping.

Faux Leather Desk Pads

The faux leather collection is offered in 3 rich hues: Bark, Ebony, and Lipstick. Each one is simple, yet sophisticated.

Faux Ostrich Leather Desk Pads

The faux ostrich leather collection is offered in three bold, yet sophisticated colors: Mist, Raw Hide, and Sunflower. This diverse set of options gives you the freedom to go as trendy or classic as you’d like.

Metallic Leather Desk Pads

The metallic faux leather collection is available in three striking colors: Light Gold, Bronze, and Muddy Bronze. Each one hits the light beautifully, offering a pleasant gleam to any office space.