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12 Seat Linoleum Conference Set


The 12 Seat Linoleum Conference Set has all of the materials necessary to create sophisticated and functional place settings for 12 meeting guests. The set consists of:

  • 12 12×16″ linoleum conference pads
  • 12 linoleum coasters

Product Description


Linoleum is an environmentally-friendly material that provides a matte, low light reflective surface. It doesn’t absorb or visually show oils from fingerprints or handprints, and is specifically engineered to reduce glare and minimize the appearance of scratches. The durable linoleum surface absorbs the scuffs and scrapes of everyday use, while the faux suede backing of our linoleum products helps keep solid wood, wood veneer, and laminated work surfaces clean and scratch-free.

All Prestige Office Accessories are made in the USA.

Additional Information

Linoleum Color

Black Linoleum, Burgundy Linoleum

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